El Puente Arts

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About El Puente Arts

El Puente’s Center for Arts and Culture is Brooklyn’s most comprehensive Latino pre-professional/professional arts center and home to three Tony award-winning alumni.  The Center provides pre-professional arts training in El Puente’s Youth Leadership Centers in an array of arts disciplines, including: dance, drama, voice, filmmaking, studio/public art, photography & Hip-Hop. El Puente integrates an “arts for social change model” in which the arts are the primary vehicle for personal and social transformation. Youth members are provided the opportunity to be trained and mentored by highly qualified artists who are committed to using their skills and talents to further the cause of social justice. Through collaborative Integrated Arts Projects (IAP) with several local schools, our teaching artists partner with teachers and students to create theme/curricula-based arts projects that produce high quality original artwork that promote human rights and social action.

Los Muralistas

Los Muralistas de El Puente are an inter-generational artist collective serving the community of Los Sures (Williamsburg Brooklyn's Southside) since 1990. Under the leadership of teaching artist Joe Matunis, Los Muralistas have created more than 20 community murals, which have been documented in numerous books on public art and community voices.  For two decades, Los Muralistas have depicted the challenges, victories, hopes and dreams of the Los Sures community through their powerful, thought provoking and artistically masterful public art work. In addition to community murals, Los Muralistas functions as the visual arts arm for all of El Puente's community events, such as the Annual Three Kings Day Celebration, political marches, and Integrated Arts Projects at the El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice.

All of the artists in Los Muralistas are also El Puente teaching artists and members of El Puente CADRE (Community Artists’ Development & Resource Exchange/Colectiva para Recursos y Desarollo de Artistas Comunitarios), a diverse artist network that serves as a platform for primarily Latino artists in Los Sures to network and collaborate on projects, create and facilitate strategies that will grow and sustain capacity to lead and contribute to the cultural community of Brooklyn. Click Here to learn more about Los Muraliastas.

El Puente Dance Company

The El Puente Dance Ensemble is the resident dance company of The El Puente Williamsburg Leadership Center. Our youth are empowered to use dance as artistic expression, as vehicle for community liberation and to bring a voice to social issues. The company receives interdisciplinary professional training, attends master classes, and engages in 8-10 hour rehearsals per week. The ensemble performs at special events, local community schools, and El Puente events. Interested students are selected by audition. Our junior company is open to students ages 7-13 and our Senior company ages 14 to 18.