Twelve Fundamental Principals

• Potential not problems
• Acceleration not remediation
• Liberation not pacification
• Each one teach one
• Be a Bridge of hope and empowerment to another
• Age neutral
• Balance and unify body/mind and spirit in community
• Engage the whole individual as part of a whole community and culture
• Integrate, never segregate, toward greater interconnectedness
• Anticipate/plan
• Promote precaution
• Create a culture secure for all
brate the presence of the sacred
Creating Community
• Build bridges of personal relationships wherever you are
• Commit personal growth to the progress of humanity
• Build a bridge to all who struggle for the cause of humanity
Collective Self-Help
• Rely first and last on the social and economic resources of the community
• Bolster mutual support/stop “creeping clinicalization” and provider ideology
• Drive all initiative from the perspective and interest of our community
Unity Through Diversity
• Honor our culture/traditions
• Diversity drives humanity’s progress
• Humanity is one
• Always be mindful to others
• Revere all life, the earth and the spirit of the universe
• Honor the human dignity of each person
• Discipline
• Strive for holistic excellence
• Go beyond El Puente’s Twelve Fundamental Principles
• Challenge the status quo
• Free the spirit/express the soul
• Imagine the unimagined
Love and Caring
• Challenge and support others to rise to their highest potential
• Give freely of yourself in the service of the people
• Share and sacrifice for the good of others
Peace and Justice
• Rise up for human rights
• Work for harmony
• Live with hope and celebrate the presence of the sacred