Our Team


Luis Garden Acosta, Founder

Dr. Frances Lucerna, Co-Founder

Eugenio (Gino) Maldonado, Co-Founder

Executive Leadership

Dr. Frances Lucerna, Co-Founder & President

Marco A. Carrión, Executive Director

Asenhat Gomez, Deputy Director of Programs

Helen Colon, Director of Administration

Program Directors

Clara Parker, Global Justice Institute

cparker@elpuente.us, 718-387-0404


Daniela Castillo, Green Light District

dcastillo@elpuente.us, 718-387-0404


Federico Cintron Moscoso, El Puente Latino Climate Action Network, Puerto Rico



Luis Munive, Bushwick Leadership Center

lmunive@elpuente.us, 718-452-0404


Asenhat Gomez, Williamsburg Leadership Center

agomez@elpuente.us, 718-387-0404


Anelin Flete, M.S. 50 El Puente Community School

aflete@elpuente.us, 718-486-3936


Rosa Scott, Beacon Leadership Center

rscott@elpuente.us, 718-486-3936


Dileny Baez, Jersoon Garcia, Taylor-Wythe Leadership Center

dbaez@elpuente.us, jersoongarcia@elpuente.us, 718-919-7586


Jashua Calderon, Independence Towers Leadership Center

jcalderon@elpuente.us, 718-408-6374


Maria Reyes, Williams Plaza Leadership Center

mreyes@elpuente.us, 718-408-6792


Tina Lee, El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice