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El Puente's Leadership News


Friends and Family of El Puente,

As you know, Puerto Rico and many of the islands in the Caribbean, which were recently impacted by hurricane Irma, have now been hit with "Maria", a second, devastating hurricane.

Maria, a category 4-5 hurricane has brought much suffering to Puerto Rico and to many Islands. El Puente members across the Island, who have worked so diligently during the past four years from our headquarters in Puerto Rico, alerting and organizing all to what our scientists warned us would be today's climate change catastrophe, are, now, in desperate need of our support.

Hurricane Irma, without ever touching ground, left many without water, electricity and in many cases food. Maria, now, compounds this disaster to the level of a humanitarian crisis.

We urge you to donate any amount to help our El Puente members, their families and neighbors begin to reclaim their lives and homes. Your contribution will help our El Puente members on the Island directly, as well as support our ongoing Climate Change initiatives in Puerto Rico. Now, more than ever, we must focus our collective voice to help mitigate these disasters in the future and continue to raise awareness on the need for constructive climate change policy. You can help us save many lives in Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean by donating here.

Our prayers are with all the families in dire need. With your support we can help bring some sense of relief, hope and resiliency to the people of Puerto Rico.


Frances Lucerna and Luis Garden Acosta.