M.S.50 El Puente Community School

El Puente M.S.50 Community School

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El Puente is the community partner in the transformation of  Middle School 50 into one of the city’s most successful Community School models.  MS 50- El Puente community school employs a holistic, whole-school approach to attendance improvement and dropout prevention (AIDP), serving both students and families in a wide range of programs, support and services during and after the school day year round. El Puente has developed a schoolwide Integrated Arts program that focuses on English Language Learners and a  college mentoring program with Ithaca College. MS 50 has also developed a nationally recognized “bilingual;” debate team. The school has been cited for it’s steady improvement in attendance as well as state test scores in ELA and Math.

Community School Mission:

Our mission is to promote youth leadership through academics, arts, athletics, and activism and to empower student voice by providing opportunities for students to engage in inquiry-based and project-based learning.

The Community Schools Team leads and supports in the following initiatives:



-Social Emotional Learning

-Parent Engagement and Leadership

-Youth Leadership

-College Trips and Workshops

-Community Organizing

and much more!

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For more information, please visit the following pages:

Facebook: MS50-El Puente Community School

Twitter: @MS50_ElPuente

You may also contact Fiorella Guevara, fguevara@elpuente.us