Pa’lante Campaign

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El Puente Pa’lante Campaign

For four decades, with generous supporters like you, El Puente has created a powerful legacy as we celebrate a milestone anniversary of 40 years! Since 1982, El Puente’s mission has been to inspire and nurture generations of youth leaders for peace and justice. El Puente continues to remain “presente” by pivoting our approach to meet the changing needs of our community by creating a network of youth leaders. This year, we celebrate our historical groundbreaking achievements and iconic community-led campaigns for self determination by our young members! Now more than ever we are committed to our late founder Luis Garden Acosta’s vision of a more just and compassionate world by our amplified commitment to young people, who will be our leaders of tomorrow. 

Today, we’re asking YOU to join El Puente’s “Pa’lante” campaign as we embark on an exciting journey of boldness, creativity and innovation fueled by our young people. This campaign will focus on supporting our young people to unleash their leadership potential as they find solutions to meet the moment. We will continue to broaden our ability to deliver on the following initiatives:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Civic Engagement and Education
  • Public Safety 

This Pa’lante campaign will be a year-long campaign with a fundraising goal of $100,000. This will help us address the local and global threats that affect our community. El Puente will continue to amplify its commitment to nurture the present and future generation of passionate youth leaders in the Latinx community as well as other communities of color.

We invite you to help us meet the need of creating a more loving, compassionate and just world for all! The El Puente movement continues to make history with our strong presence throughout Brooklyn and Puerto Rico. We anticipate a bright and safe future with your support. Here is to another 40 years as we continue to scale new heights for peace and justice for all.  

Pa’lante siempre Pa’lante!

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