El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice

graduation 2014

El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice

In 1990, El Puente hosted a Brooklyn youth conference as part of the United Nation’s Decade of the Child World Summit. During that profound and historical meeting a young El Puente member stated, “There are special schools for arts, science, and technology—why isn’t there a school that teaches about peace?” and just like that, the seed was planted for what was to become the Academy for Peace and Justice. El Puente fulfilled its promise to realize this young man’s dream when, in 1992, as part of an initiative to improve public education in New York City, the Department of Education and New Visions for Public Schools invited El Puente to submit its proposal for a new school. The initiative would provide support to individuals, groups and communities to create schools of their own. El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice was one of the first New Visions Schools established in 1993.


El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice is an educational option school and admission is open to students citywide. For information about enrollment and to visit the school, please call or visit the school:

250 Hooper Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.