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August Primary Election ! / ¡Elecciones primarias en Agosto!

Elections for State Senate and U.S House of Representatives will be held at the August Primary on August 23, 2022, with early voting available from August 13 to August 21.

Be sure to vote in person by 9pm on August 23rd ! For more information:

  • Meet the candidates on your ballot here.
  • For Early Voting hours, see here.
  • Find your Early Voting or Election Day Poll Site here

Las elecciones para el Senado Estatal y la Cámara de Representantes de EE. UU. se llevarán a cabo en las Primarias de agosto el 23 de agosto de 2022, y la votación anticipada estará disponible del 13 al 21 de agosto.

¡Asegúrese de votar en persona antes de las 9:00 p. m. del 23 de agosto! Para más información:

  • Conoce a los candidatos en tu boleta aquí.
  • Para conocer los horarios de votación anticipada, consulte aquí.
  • Encuentre su sitio de votación anticipada o para el día de las elecciones aquí.

Our Air! / ¡Nuestro Aire!

El Puente's Green Light District Campaign for clean air and community wellness, Our Air!/ ¡Nuestro Aire! has launched a petition: COVID-19: OUR AIR EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION, calling on our elected officials to address the urgent environmental and health inequities in the Southside of Williamsburg that have put our community at risk for decades and have now made us fatally vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. The time to act is now!

Please read our five point CALL TO ACTION and sign our Petition today!


“Essentially Brooklyn"

"Essentially Brooklyn" is a moving public art project by Los Muralistas de El Puente led by director Joe Matunis with the generous support of Two Trees and Domino Park. The project will highlight 60 portraits of  “essential” Brooklyn residents from all walks of life who we honor as vital although they may not fall under the official category of "essential” The message is- In a caring community we're all essential! The portrait exhibit is on the walls in Domino Park.

Contact joematunis@gmail.com for more information.