Wellness Wednesdays

Please join us this week for Wellness Wednesdays, a virtual, interactive events, brought to you by the Global Justice Institute, in collaboration with C.A.D.R.E.!Wellness Wednesdays is a weekly series of live broadcasts with health & wellness, family–friendly activities and the Our Air–Nuestro Aire campaign! Share on your wall or host a watch party with Facebook friends!

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Essentially Brooklyn

The project hopes to identify and honor the people of our Brooklyn community who continue to work everyday in the face of the COVID-19 crisis to ensure that we are all safe and taken care of. 6 Artists/members of Los Muralistas have been commissioned to paint 60 portraits that will be displayed collectively in Domino…

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El Puente Three Kings Day Celebration was a success

We thank everyone who came out to support our 33rd Three Kings celebration. It was a spectacular, powerful, and moving show that honored our culture, legacy and commitment to social justice through the arts. The message in this year’s show was clear, we need to rise up as a community to fight for Nuestro Aire, Nuestra Tierra,…

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