Puerto Rico: A Diaspora Summit

El Puente Founder and President Luis Garden Acosta will be speaking at Puerto Rico/Puerto Ricans: A Diaspora Summit held by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies. This weekend-long event will discuss the crisis in Puerto Rico and the political, social, and economic consequences that affect the country. The Summit will take place April 22-23rd and will include speeches from policy makers and community leaders, tours, and panels with citizens of Puerto Rico in order to create solutions for the future of Puerto Rico. The Summit is free to the public and you can register here. To learn more about the event click here.

Fist Bumps and a War Room: A Day in the Life of a Community School Director

February 25, 2016

Photo: “Fiorella Guevara, left, looked at student writing samples with a bilingual teacher at M.S. 50 in Williamsburg.” Image and caption via Patrick Wall

Chalkbeat New York, a news organization dedicated to reporting on New York’s education system, recently visited El Puente’s M.S. 50 Community School in order to learn how directors of community schools such as El Puente’s Fiorella Guevara are working to revitalize and revolutionize education in the city. El Puente is proud of the work that director Fiorella Guevara has accomplished to improve the daily lives of M.S. 50’s students and increase school-wide academic performance and attendance.

Photo: “Guevara led an attendance meeting.” Image and caption via Patrick Wall

Photo: “Guevara worked with a student during an art class.” Image and caption via Patrick Wall

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