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New Mural at MS 50 by Los Muralistas de El Puente

July 20, 2016
Los Muralistas de El Puente are painting a mural on the side of MS 50 about the People's History of Los Sures. The MS 50 El Puente Community School Mural Project is a result of a two year-long formalized partnership between MS 50 and its Community School partner, El Puente. The idea for the mural project grew out of the MS 50 El Puente Community School’s mission to promote youth leadership through academics, arts, athletics, and activism and to empower student voice by providing opportunities for students to engage in inquiry-based and project-based learning.
Los Muralistas de El Puente are an inter-generational artist collective serving the community of Los Sures (Williamsburg Brooklyn's Southside) since 1990. Under the leadership of teaching artist Joe Matunis, the Muralistas have created more than 20 community murals, which have been documented in numerous books on public art and community voices.  
Join us for a celebration of El Puente's 34th anniversary at our Community Painting Day
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LatinX Artivists Master Class Series with Edgardo Miranda

July 15, 2016



Our first Master's Class will be featuring our very own El Puente community artist: Edgardo Miranda- Rodriguez creator of La Borinqueña, (Marvel and DMC Comics/ SomosArte),
Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez as art director has created key artwork for theatrical productions, festivals and new media incorporating a wide range of visual art styles. Edgardo incorporates various aesthetics and styles into his campaign work drawing from his vast network of artists. Thus far under Studio Edgardo he has already collaborated with Marvel and DC comic book illustrators Carlos Pacheco (Superman, Avengers, X-Men), Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman, Spider-Man), Koi Turnbull (Superman, Spider-Man), comic book digital painters Christoperh Sotomayor (Hulk, Captain America), Lee Loughridge (Batman, Captain America, Venom) and inker Le Beau Underwood (Injustice, Batwing, Static Shock).

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M.S. 50 Community School Recognized for their Success

June 2, 2016


M.S. 50 Community School Recognized for their Success

On April 26th, Time Warner Cable News interviewed El Puente’s own Fiorella Guevara, the Director of M.S. 50 Community School. Ms. Guevara discussed the needs of students in New York’s most struggling schools and the innovative programs that she is using in order to encourage better attendance, support the students mentally and academically, and incorporate the community into M.S. 50. Ms. Guevara along with the rest of M.S. 50 Community School’s administrative staff have done tremendous work in order to improve the educational standards and opportunities for the community.

To watch the full interview click here.


Program Director Fiorella Guevara's outstanding work has been recognized by many. Image and caption via Patrick Wall


M.S. 50's dedicated staff work tirelessly to improve the lives of their students in and out of school.


M.S. 50 trains staff and parents on how to best support students.


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