The mission of LCAN is consistent with El Puente’s overall mission: “to inspire and nurture leaders for peace and justice”. Specifically, El Puente seeks to empower Latinos (Stateside/Puerto Rico) to build 21st Century community sustainability through holistic preparedness (climate resiliency) plans that integrate climate change strategies in the context of culture, education, equity and social justice.

Employing Puerto Rico as both inspiration and model, El Puente will build LCAN by first creating Leadership Summits (“Encuentros”) in New York City, Chicago and Orlando similar to the first LCAN Encuentro in Puerto Rico, followed by other Puerto Rican/Latino communities. The “Encuentros” will draw from the participants the priorities of a plan that can be further developed into a systematic and strategic plan of action drawing from El Puente’s work in developing its Green Light District (Districto Verde Luz).

LCAN will focus the Puerto Rican/Latino voice and make a significant contribution to the emergence of public policies that will enhance the resilience of the people of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican/Latino Communities stateside in mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change.