Green Light District Overview


About us

The El Puente Green Light District (GLD) is a strategic ten-year initiative to sustain, grow, green, and celebrate Williamsburg’s Southside community. At a time when communities across New York City are facing rapid changes that threaten to destabilize our neighborhoods, the Green Light District seeks to flip the disempowerment of gentrification and put the power of transformation in the hands of its residents and stakeholders. The Green Light District seeks to build equity and sustainability through connecting residents to each other, socially and culturally; sharing knowledge and resources across the neighborhood through partnerships, coalitions, and alliances; improving access to public resources; and building leadership in the community to carry our collective goals forward.

The broad vision of the Green Light District was developed by working closely with local community stakeholders and advisors, and was announced at the formal launch of the Green Light District on September 16, 2011. The Green Light District Community Declaration (Spanish) is more than just a vision, however; it is the conceptual outlining of the goals and objectives of the initiative, and the yardstick against which we measure our success. Each year, the GLD reports back to the community on progress toward those goals at the annual GLD Summit, the first of which was held in October 2012. There are five areas of focus of the Green Light District: Affordable LivingArts & CultureEducationGreening Spaces & Environmental Justiceand Health & Wellness. Visit these pages for examples of our current projects!