Green Light District | Greening Spaces & Environmental Justice

The Green Light District directs environmental justice and greening programs that re-imagine the built environment and create healthy, safe and vibrant public spaces. We seek to rectify the decades-long struggle with poor environmental conditions and lack of access to quality parks and green spaces in the Southside, and advocate for funding and policy changes that improve these conditions. On the ground level, we organize community residents to improve their block, their park, and their community through:

  • Community mapping and environmental monitoring
  • Neighborhood beautification activities
  • The Espiritu Tierra Community Garden, a volunteer-run GreenThumb garden managed by El Puente, with space for growing food as well as holding community events and workshops
  • Southside Open and Green Space Coalition, dedicated to providing a platform for residents of the Southside to coordinate their greening, environmental justice, and environmental education activities
  • The New York City Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA), of which El Puente is a founding member
  • Leading climate justice movements and advocacy in New York, Orlando, FL and Puerto Rico through El Puente's Latino CLimate Action Network (LCAN)
  • Participating in the North Brooklyn Open Space Alliance
  • And more!
For further details on the above projects or to get involved, please contact Violeta Trinidad at or (718) 387-0404 x 45.