Encuentro Puerto Rico

On February 28, 2013 nearly 200 leaders from virtually all sectors of Puerto Rican society, representing the entire Island as well as Chicago, Orlando and New York spent an entire day at El Centro Para Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras, P.R.) in an exchange inspired by both Monseñor Roberto Gonzalez Nieves, the Catholic Archbishop of San Juan and Dr. José Molinelli, Professor at the University of Puerto Rico.

All “Encuentro” participants engaged in making recommendations that can be summarized by the following five point action agenda:

  1. Promote a comprehensive approach to educating the public on the responsibility of all of us to protect the environment. In this regard, it is most important to confront climate change by integrating the crisis as part of other pressing concerns. and venues such as ethics/public morality, culture, security, the economy, churches, schools, professional organizations and sports.

  2. Work to guarantee a land use plan. Plan de Uso de Terrenos (PUT) that responds to climate change realities in Puerto Rico, protects agricultural land and stipulates their revision as well as adjusts to future changes in weather conditions.

  3. Promote existing projects, such as the creation of projects to manage and restore coastal ecosystems that serve as the first barrier of protection.

  4. Develop a network of community-based groups “Climatistas” that would be vigilant in evaluating and reporting actions to our environment. This same group will be trained to serve as local first responders to collaborate with appropriate authorities in times of disaster.

  5. Empower our communities with the necessary tools to develop plans and promote sustainable development projects, that engage and/or promote the areas of education, the economy, security, culture, health, adaptation strategies, and renewable energy micro enterprises.

    Luis Garden Acosta & Doctor José Molinelli