El Puente Scholars

El Puente Scholars at the NYCoRE Conference, 2015
El Puente Scholars is an internship program that offers El Puente members advanced leadership training and development. Scholars model exemplary El Puente membership and exercise their leadership in the design and facilitation of projects, campaigns and initiatives that promote equity, justice and sustainability for North Brooklyn and beyond. As part of their internship, El Puente scholars receive rigorous training in community organizing, arts for social change, environmental justice, community health and wellness.
Each Scholar has an individual mentor, as well as an extensive support system drawn for El Puente's broad network, that supports his/her holistic development plan with a specific focus on academic advancement and achievement. As part of their experience, Scholars have the opportunity to meet, collaborate with and be mentored by leaders from a diverse pool of professional fields including arts and culture, government, urban planning, business, health and the environment.  Scholars also serve as international youth ambassadors, traveling to other countries to represent and exemplify the mission and vision of El Puente. Most recently, Scholars have facilitated El Puente trainings for groups from Ireland and several national groups as part of El Puente's Global Justice Training Institute and have facilitated workshops and met with youth, community and government leaders in Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Paraguay.
The El Puente Scholars are recruited through an extensive nomination and application process and receive a stipend or academic credit for their Scholar activities.
El Puente Scholars presenting at NYCoRE Conference 2015