El Puente Academy Curriculum & Assessment

The El Puente Academy’s four- year curriculum promotes academic and intellectual mastery as well as holistic leadership development through culturally relevant, standards based curriculum that integrates community development projects. Arts integration is facilitated through collaborative projects for all grades with El Puente teaching artists. Students receive academic support and coaching through individual and small group tutoring. Night school and Saturday Academy is also available. Academy students graduate by portfolio and are also required to pass the ELA regents. A comprehensive bilingual College prep program supports individual students and their families to understand and successfully navigate the college transition process. The Academy nurtures every student to achieve their fullest potential in body, mind, spirit and community through on going support from individual staff mentors and an array of skill-based programs, internships and services available through El Puente’s Leadership Centers. The four –year Academy curriculum is designed to answer the following leading questions:


9th & 10th Grades: “Who am I?” – Curriculum explores students’ culture and roots 
11th Grade: “Who am I in community?” – Curriculum explores students’ role in their local community.
12th Grade: “Who am I in the world?” – Curriculum explores students’ and community’s roles in the global society.