Keap Street Community Garden is blooming this Fall!


By Esteban Duran 


The Fall season is underway, but the Keap Street Community Garden is just starting to blossom! I went by with my son Daniel to help Tanyth Berkeley water the garden flowers and seeds that were recently planted. As evidenced by these photos we had a great time and Daniel was excited to water the plants. We were also happy to see a melon blooming and Daniel was very intrigued. Next week I want to follow up and plant some garlic. Thanks to Tanyth and her beautiful son for allowing access into the garden! The Keap Steet Community Garden was created through a joint initiative of GreenThumb, the Mayor's Obesity Task Force Initiative and with the extensive help of GrowNYC. El Puente's Green Light District works with residents, both through this program and outside of it, to create new community gardens in the Southside community.


The Keap Street Community Garden will meet on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 6:30pm for those intereted in learning more. Come by!


Daniel was intrigued by the melon growing in the Keap St. Community Garden