Have you picked up your FREE ticket to this year's Three Kings Day Show? You won't want to miss this magical story of the inner light that shines in all of us.

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Tina Orlandini
January 12, 2016
Photo: El Puente youth and staff paint sets for this year's Three Kings Day Show. 
This year marks El Puente’s 29th consecutive year offering a broadway-like production featuring the work of El Puente young people, completely free for community members, partners and friends. This year’s original story, La Luz is focused on the theme of racial justice and explores and honors the inner light that shines in all of us. The story follows Tala, a young girl of the Caona people whose mission is to teach the Cikeo people to access and share the light and magic within themselves. The lead cast will be played by El Puente’s For The Movement (FTM) theater collective, mentored and directed by Jana Lynne Umipig. La Luz will also feature El Puente’s two dance companies (El Puente Dance Ensemble and El Puente Dreams In Motion) and performing arts students.
As movemements for racial justice continue to rise up throughout the country, La Luz encourages its audience to engage in a critical and meaningful conversation about the history of race in the United States, and through a magical journey, reconnect with the human spirit and imagine what a truly just and equitable world could look like.
As always, admission to El Puente's Three Kings Day Show is free and open to all. You can pick up your tickets for either showtime (1pm and 5pm) at the following El Puente locations:
El Puente Williamsburg Leadership Center - 211 South 4th Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211
El Puente Bushwick Leadership Center - 311 Central Ave | Brooklyn, NY 11221