El Puente

The EL PUENTE GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT is a ten year initiative of the Williamsburg Southside Community to excersie our right to self-determination. LEARN MORE!

Making Peace Attainable

©1982, Juan Beltran
© 1982, Juan Beltran

El Puente members gathered in front of headquarters located at 211 South 4th Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 circa 1982.

El Puente Arts

El Puente Arts is Brooklyn's most comprehensive Latino arts and cultural Center. Our mission is to use the arts as a tool for social change, engaging artists and activists in the creation and facilitation of arts projects and training focused on artistic mastery and community development. The Center provides pre professional training in dance, drama, voice, dj/scratch, filmmaking, studio/mural art, graphic design and Hip-Hop. Additionally, El Puente organizes and supports CADRE (Community Artists' Development & Resource Exchange), a network of local artists, artisans and cultural workers. Together, we advocate for equitable access to artistic and cultural expression; create forums for creative exchange and collaboration; incubate individual and collective projects; and present and exhibit works that honor and celebrate the cultural diversity and artistic richness of our North Brooklyn communities.

El Puente